Retirement Planning

Understanding your retirement objectives is the keystone in working towards your goals.  We project your current retirement assets into the future, and then analyze potential outcomes according to your resources, including current salary, expected payouts from Social Security, qualified plan benefits and any savings and/or investments.

When appropriate, we utilize our investment management process described in the previous section.

Our goal is to help you implement a retirement plan that is both reasonable and achievable.

Our comprehensive planning process may employ any of the following:

  • Retirement income modeling
  • Retirement needs analysis
  • Retirement plans analysis and education
  • Retirement plan design review
  • Savings planning to help address goals
  • Contribution limits planning
  • Employer plans vs. self-directed plans analysis
  • Distribution options
  • NUA of company stock in defined contribution plans
  • RMD calculations and analysis
  • Beneficiary designation planning and analysis
  • Social Security and Medicare health care cost planning